Website Training


  • Bring up to 3 people – You may record the session
  • Training in office at AZHG or via phone
  • Structured basics, then time for questions
  • Priced per hour
  • By appointment only
  • More details below…

The hourly rate of training includes how to use your WordPress website, specifically adding pages and posts.
This service is only available to customers who had their website recently created and completed by AZHG.

Once you have purchased your training time, please call or email us to set an appointment.
Most sessions require only one hour. Please have all your questions written down beforehand.
If your site is ecommerce, you may require a 2 hour session, depending on your questions. Let’s talk first. 🙂

We do not train people how to install WordPress, nor deep-dive into plugins, CSS or developer level work.

PLEASE NOTE that once you begin altering your website, if errors occur, we may or may not be able to recover/fix it.
We strongly advise that you do not add plugins to the site unless you ask us first. Plugins are the way most websites are hacked and/or broken.
Website recovery is billed at our hourly rate in quarter hour increments.  Site recovery can take many hours.
We recommend (unless you are very computer/web savvy), it is better to ask us to update your site, which you can purchase here.

Recommended watch list prior to training