Vinyl Installation for Vehicles and Windows

$25 per 15 min.

  • Appointment required, see below
  • Professional installation guaranteed*
  • At AZHG or on location, within 30 minutes
Please contact us for a time estimate before purchase.
Describe the what / where vinyl will be installed
AZHG’s address is 3700 N Oracle Rd, Tucson AZ 85705.
On-site installation is available for locations within 30 minutes of AZHG.
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  • Please get a time estimate from AZHG and input amount as specified. Time estimates are estimates, installer may go over or under, and you will be billed or refunded accordingly. Your purchase of installation time is agreement to this.
  • We will contact you to set up a time.
  • Installations are available Wed, Thu, from 8am -2pm.
  • Weather must be appropriate for material. If it’s raining, or too cold/hot/windy, we may reschedule.
  • Vehicle must be clean. If there’s existing vinyl, we need to be told beforehand to include its removal in the estimate.
  • There is no smoking near installer.


  • We will install material on vehicle where you specify.
  • If our material is ruined during install, we will print it again at no cost to you.  (If vinyl is ruined during customer install, it must be purchased again).
  • We warranty vinyl for 90 days under normal conditions. (Actions that nullify warranty include the use of solvents, and other unusual treatments).
  • Customer must disclose recent paint job/bondo. If your vehicle has been recently painted, we must wait 30 days before installing vinyl. Warranty void if customer fails to disclose this.
  • Design lines and striping defaults to conform to the line of the vehicle, not level to the ground. Please specify if you prefer otherwise.
  • We may rely on you for measurements of your vehicle and/or store front windows. Please measure carefully, if your measurements are incorrect, vinyl will need to be purchased again. If we measure wrong, we reprint and cut at no cost to you.