Info / Blog WebSite


  • New Domain or transfer existing (extra fee)
  • Mobile friendly site
  • One email address:
  • Menus & Submenus
  • Hosting Package Sold Separately (Required)


The price includes up to 6 hours of development, which includes:

  • Domain procurement
  • Hosting package setup (Hosting package sold separately)
  • Platform setup, which is WordPress unless you specify otherwise. (Please contact us first)
  • Taking your content (text and images) and creating 4-6 information-only pages.
  • Making site user friendly, with easy navigation menus


  1. *All* content must be provided by the customer. Please send us one email per website page with the subject line “name of page”.  Include all text, and attach images to be used on that page. Photos should be named according to the page they will go on.
  2. This site is non-transactional, and non-interactive. If the site requires downloads, forms, videos, memberships, products or payments, please upgrade to appropriate website type.
  3. All websites require hosting. You may choose our hosting package, which is all inclusive, or another elsewhere, but this choice must be made before we begin developing your site.
    If you have questions, please call or email us, we’re happy to help.

Once the site is completed, or we have reached 6 hours of work, you will be advised. You may opt to purchase more development time if more needs to be done. If there is time left over, that time remains in your account for future requests. We do not offer refunds for time not used.

What We Provide To You:

  • Initial consultation. Up to 30 minutes
  • New Domain procurement ($20) or transfer.
  • Hosting setup. Monthly hosting fee not included*
  • User Friendly Website design.
  • Site protection & backups. (With Monitoring contract)
  • Product photography. Starting at $120/hr

We Will NOT:

  • Provide content (wording, photos, specs) from your industry or perform research on your products.
  • Knowingly post copyrighted materials.
  • Recode entire or partial site in HTML/CSS.
  • Maintain, fix or update site after completion unless maintenance contract is purchased.
    NOTE: All websites require monitoring to prevent downtime and hacking.

You Provide To Us:

  • All content. Including text for each page.
  • Photos and logos. Please do not provide copyrighted images.
  • Color scheme and font selections.
  • All logins, passwords and paths to existing website and host provider.
  • Current email information.
  • Contact form information.

For Commerce Sites You Provide:

  • Product photos.
  • All product details: Price, weight, dimensions, keywords, categories
  • Shipping methods and costs.