Bring Your Own Apparel (CSA)


  • Does not include printing, add separately
  • BEFORE ORDERING, Please see below
    for item requirements and policies.

By supplying your own materials, you accept the following:

  1. There is inherent risk to AZHG’s machines and we spend additional time adjusting art, chemicals, settings, etc, and therefore:
  2. All customer supplied materials (apparel, paper, other items) are considered experimental, and supplied at customer risk.
  3. AZHG is not liable for any damages to supplied items, and will not replace, refund, credit nor compensate in any way if damaged.
  4. If the material turns out to be unprintable or undesirable results occur, we will stop printing, and alert the customer.
    A refund will be issued minus design fees, setup fees and cost of however many products were printed.
  5. If any of this is unacceptable, please do not submit materials. Placing your order constitutes full understanding and acceptance of the above.

Supplied Apparel Requirements:

  1. Item must not have stain-resistant technology or chemicals like starch, Teflon, etc.
  2. We cannot print on leather or plastic/nylon (such as salon capes)
  3. If item is not new, it should be recently washed without softener or dryer sheets. (New items print best)
  4. Buttons, zippers, emblems may cause issues with heat press.
  5. Irregular shapes and sizes will incur extra fees, such as bags, tents, etc.
  6. Other unusual requests must be discussed and quoted, please call us.