Window See-Through Vinyl Adhesive (Perforated)


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  • Promote New & Existing Products on Glass Doors/Windows
  • Add a Hint of Privacy to Glass Doors/Windows (simultaneously promote products/services)
  • POP Signage on Vehicle or Retail Store Windows
  • $24 Minimum order
This material is crazy cool! We use it in our shop and our cars. You can see out, but other people can't see in. All they see is your printed message. 

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Ideal for a variety of window display applications, 6mil white flexible vinyl (See-Through Window Vinyl and See-Through Window Vinyl with Laminate) have removable acrylic adhesive backs, allowing them to adhere easily to most clean glass or glass-like surfaces. Printed on weather-resistant glossy material that can be used both indoors and outdoors, this product works well as POP signage on flat vehicle windows, retail store windows, etc.

$24 minimum order

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