Makeover for Shop Front – 2023

This year we’re sprucing up the storefront. We’ve had some trouble with vagrants and drugs outside, so our generous landlord put up fencing around the front sidewalks, and that stopped all incidences, literally overnight. Together with me and my staff, the neighbors, other businesses nearby and our customers are grateful for that. Now, we are focused on fresh paint, new signs and helping the neighborhood feel alive.

As we were painting on a sunny Saturday, several people walked by and had positive things to say, thanking us for making it look nicer. It goes a long way to helping the neighborhood feel cared for. People, not just our customers, appreciate the positive vibe.

Across the street, Carl’s Jr is finally being rebuilt, after 2 long years of sitting in rubble. They look to be a good 80% done as of the time of this writing. This is great, I hope they still have that delicious low carb monster breakfast bowl, for days I’m running late and skip eating at home. Oh, and I just noticed Boot Barn (behind Carl’s) is painting their storefront! Fabulous, we’ve started a trend!! Woot!

Here’s the touch-up on the red paint. Next we’re fixing the sign for Rockabilly and putting up a new sign for us at the bottom. We’ll also be adding a sign over the door, and making new signs for Rockabilly’s building too.