File Requirements for Customer Supplied Files

  1. We require 300dpi files for most products. If end product is larger than 4 square feet, 150 dpi is acceptable.
  2. File formats allowed are  .jpg  .png .tiff  .pdf  .gif .eps (From Vectors, like .ai or .eps, convert fonts to outlines)
  3. RGB is acceptable for stickers, banners, posters and t-shirts.
  4. CMYK is best for business cards, postcards, brochures, flyers, memo pads, pocket folders, etc.
  5. NOTE: Colors on screen may change when printed.  For example, Neon green will print more like grass green.
  6. If color matching is critical, please request a printed proof. Send us an email at time of order.  Print proofs range anywhere from $0 to $15. 
  7. *IMPORTANT: We DO NOT spell check, edit, nor correct files supplied by customers, or supplied by other designers on behalf of customers. What you send us is what we print, so if your file is low resolution, misspelled, or not color corrected, we print it just like that. All sales are final, no refunds, exchanges or discounted “redo’s” are granted when customer supplies files.
  8. If you would like us to check your design or create a design for you, our graphic design services start at $15.  Please inquire.

Frequently Asked Questions

But, it looked fine on my phone/screen!
Since most monitors have a native resolution of 72 pixels per inch, they cannot display a 300 dpi image in actual size. Instead, when viewed at 100%, the image will look much larger than the print version because the pixels on the screen take up more space than the dots on the paper.

Can’t you just enlarge my image?
Yes, but enlarging will look just as bad as you see above. This is why we encourage clients to START your designs at 300 dpi, and set your camera to the highest possible resolution.

Will you print it anyway?
We will print what you give us, but be advised that we do not guarantee the outcome, nor offer reprints if results are bad. Client supplied art is 100% the responsibility of client.

But I hired a professional Graphic Artist
It remains your responsibility to ensure the artwork they supply meets our requirements. We recommend asking them to review this page, and supply you with a printed proof and print-ready files. Note: We do not guarantee to match colors from ink-jet proofs, nor screens.

Can you scan my existing printed piece?
Yes, but it will also look much blurier than the existing printed piece, and we can not manipulate text placed over images. You will be much happier with images originally created on the computer at 300dpi, or providing high-resolution photographs.