Clearance Sale

Come and browse our spring cleaning madness! Crazy Leah has slashed prices for unbeatable deals!

We’ve held back for a few years so there’s tons of super-low-priced goodies for you!


  • T-shirts at $3, including ladies V-necks, heathers, spaghetti strap tanks, and more!
  • Polos – $5 – Tons of colors and sizes, various brands, high quality
  • Caps – $3 – normally run at $15
  • Long Sleeve Shirts, $5 – including hard to find colors and discontinued stock. Regularly $10-13
  • Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Sweatpants, $5 & up
  • Stickers, normally $3 – $10 each, now 4 / $1.00 (That’s just crazy!) There’s about a thousand stickers there!
  • Other random items like tote bags, baby onesies, kids shirts and more.

We also have totebags, tapestries, and a few store display racks for sale.