Customer Supplied Materials Policy

Printing on customer-supplied materials is done at your own risk. Printing may fail or turn out poorly, in which event we will not reimburse you for lost materials, and will not refund design, printing, or any other work that was performed. This applies to all apparel, fabric, paper, and other printing materials supplied by the customer.

This is the most we can offer with materials that haven’t been tested with our printing processes. Many print shops choose not to accept customer-supplied materials at all. If the risk is unacceptable to you, then we cannot print on materials you supply, and recommend you instead pick from our selection of tested and guaranteed materials.


1. Why are company-supplied materials better?

We use materials that are specifically manufactured for our printing processes and which we have tested. Without this testing, we cannot guarantee good results. Store bought fabrics may have anti-stain chemicals that resist printing. Home washed items may have “softener” which also resists ink permanence. Customer supplied paper stock may have been subject to humid or dusty conditions that could harm our machines or render the print inconsistent or undesirable.

2. Why don’t you offer discounts for customer-supplied materials?

We don’t charge for materials when using materials you’ve supplied. Our printing charges remain the same because our ink cost remains the same, and our labor and machine costs are higher, due to risk of unexpected material behavior.

2. What if the item turns out bad?

We stop printing early if quality issues become apparent, in which case we return unused materials and provide a partial refund covering only the cost of work that was not performed. We may, at our discretion, also offer a free reprint, in which event you will need to supply the necessary additional materials. In NO CASE will you be reimbursed for materials used.