The AZHG Proofing Policy protects both you, the consumer and our shop. Your approval is a legal, binding contract that allows us to print. You, our valued customer knows best what your product should be, and the information it should contain. For this reason, we always provide proofs for items we create, and require your approval to print before printing or production begins. When you reply with your approval or “ok”, you legally relieve us of any typos or other mistakes, even if you discover errors after printing, as long as the printing matches what you approved.

If you do not agree to the following terms, do not approve the proof. Please tell us immediately and we will stop all work and refund any portion of your invoice where services have not yet been performed. Please note that AZHG will not transact with clients who do not agree to this policy.

2. Please proof all spelling and numbers carefully as we do not reprint for free if errors are discovered after printing.  
**What you see is what will be printed. See important notes below.
3. Approving this file means that you agree that this job is ready to print and you accept this job AS-IS. 

    • All spelling and numbers are correct.
    • All wording is complete and correct.
    • All graphics, spacing and layout are correct.
    • All colors are correct (If color matching is critical, please request printed sample).
    • This is the latest version, and reflects all revisions you’ve requested.

may vary from screen to printed piece, and between print types. Monitors glow, and printed pieces do not. For example, neon green on the screen translates to grass green when printed. Also, colors look different on gloss paper than matt and different on cotton shirts than poly, etc. If you require specific colors, please request a printed proof before approval.
SIZES may appear different. When viewing your business card on the screen, it may be enlarged to the entire screen. Text may appear to be very legible when ten times the size. Print it if you can, to ensure it’s legible at it’s true size.

If changes need to be made before printing, please reply noting all changes. The price you paid includes only one revision; each revision after that costs an additional $15. Please make sure to clearly describe all changes to be made, or you may be charged for multiple revisions.
When 100% correct, reply to the email with your name, and the words “OK TO PRINT”.  We require your approval in writing. You may sign in person, or reply to email. Your approval is a legal and binding contract that says you will accept the job as-is.


  1. What if my product differs from what I originally gave you, but matches the proof?
    1. This is why we send proofs, because you know best what you want, and we do our best to follow instructions and interpret your request. But sometimes mistakes can happen and be missed by us, so we rely on you to tell us that it’s ready to print. Please take your time and read every word, even common words for correctness.
  2. What if I was looking at the color, but didn’t notice a typo, and now I have 500 printed pieces I can’t use?
    1. This is the reason we send you a proof with our proofing policy which is very clear what your approval legally means. We are within our legal rights, according to the contract to charge you to make the corrections, and full price for the reprint. This is why we send the proofing policy with every requested update, and have it posted on our website, and signs in the lobby. We are 100% transparent about this policy.
  3. Why must I pay in advance? Can’t I pay when the job is done and correct?
    1. We don’t allow you to pay us later “IF it’s correct”, because the proofing procedure ensures the item will be exactly as you approve it. We don’t gamble with our time and money or yours. That’s why it’s critical that you scrutinize your proofs to the last detail.
    2. A customer can change their mind, go out of business, or fire an employee, etc, and no longer need the printing, and then never return to get it. We cannot absorb these losses. We’ve been in business since 1992, and for good reason. We stand behind our work. If we make a mistake, we will fix it.
  4. What if I supplied the design and it turned out terrible?
    1. We do not review nor correct spelling or layout when designs are customer supplied. Designs supplied by customers or third party are considered “pre-approved” by you. Whether it was created by you or another design firm, we consider it ready to print without any editing on our end.
    2. While we may contact you if it’s very low resolution and the printing will be blurry, we also may not if our queue is especially busy or you’re in a hurry. If you ask for a quick update to something you supplied, we may, for an additional fee, edit just that portion, but make no guarantees as to the rest of the layout.
  5. What if it’s your (AZHG’s) mistake? Wrong t-shirt color, wrong paper stock, etc?
    1. Say, for example; If you approved your job on a red t-shirt, and we print on a blue shirt, we will promptly reprint on the red shirt, and you may keep both. You must report errors within 3 business days of receipt to receive a reprint. Please check your items thoroughly, as we will not replace items if they are older than a week.
    2. However, if you supplied the shirt or other stock, and we print the wrong thing on it, or it turns out wrong in some way, our liability is limited to a free reprint. We do not replace customer supplied stock. Please see Customer Supplied Stock policy.
  6. What if you missed my deadline?
    1. As is noted in our policies on line, in the lobby and on the back of printed invoices, we cannot guarantee deadlines. This has always been true due to variables beyond our control like shipping problems, power outages, etc. Now, post-pandemic, we are even more so vulnerable to these issues, plus rising costs and declining availability.
  7. What if I never got a proof and I needed my item a while ago?
    1. We send proofs via email within 3 business days. We assume that you have received it, unless you tell us otherwise. Some clients take weeks to respond because they have partners weigh in or other obligations. It is your obligation to check your spam folder, and to tell us if it hasn’t come, so that we can send another, or send to an alternate email address.
    2. If your item is no longer needed, and has not yet been printed, we may refund the cost of the item, minus the graphic design time and any materials we have purchased for you. We are not liable for anything beyond a partial refund.